Use the Power of Professional Coaching Certification For Head Start to Your Coaching Career


Due to the growing ruthless competition in the field of sports science and training, an increasingly high number of professional coaches are looking to get credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The numbers have seen a sharp rise in the last few years — from only 19% in 2006, 33% of coaches became ICF certified in 2012. This has led to a growing demand for effectual ICF accredited coach training programs that provide the right training.

ICF is the gold standard in professional training and an ICF credited coaching training program brings along with it many ICF member benefits that can give a head start to your career. Before we can go ahead and make suggestions regarding best coaching training programs, it is important to discuss the various ICF member benefits that ICF credentials bring to you.

1. Become an Expert in Your Field. All ICF training programs aim to empower coaches to become experts in their field. Other than focused curriculums, ICF training programs also allow coaches to hone their skills and knowledge through the Reciprocal peer coaching program which allows ICF credentialed coaches to get in touch with each other and exchange their knowledge.

Similarly, Communities of Practice are virtual groups run by ICF where coaches can learn from global pundits and mavens through online means.


In short, it can be said that ICF credited training programs ensure a lifetime of learning and the opportunity to become a part of a worldwide network of adept professionals and successful trainers.


2. Get Paid Better. If you have decided to put in your valuable time and energy into a course, the expectation that the course should give a financial boost to your career is only fair. The Global Coaching Study conducted a survey in 2012 which revealed that ICF-accredited coaches draw better salaries than coaches without the ICF seal on their resume. ICF members are licensed by the organization to use the ICF logo on websites, emails, etc.



This seal of approval adds to their credibility and thus, leads to better opportunities as well. Moreover, all ICF credentialed coaches also find a place in ICF’s online directory, thereby further increasing their chances of getting hired.


3. Win More Clients with Better Client Recommendations. The ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study conducted in 2010 established that clients that worked with ICF-credentialed coaches were more satisfied with the coaching experience delivered than the clients that worked with normal professional coaches. This, inadvertently, leads to more recommendations and thus, more clients.
This can primarily be attributed to the simple fact that ICF coaches get access to numerous benefits, including world-class professional trainers. They also get various opportunities to hone their skills and learn from others in their careers. Thus, ICF ensures that its members are always on the top of their game.


4. You Are Eligible for Discounts All Your Life. Given its expansive network, ICF regularly conducts in-person and online events where attendees get the chance to learn from the very best. As an ICF member, you will be able to get tickets to all such ICF events at a discounted price. Moreover, you will also be given preference if you decide to become involved with ICF as more than just a member.


What Are Some of the Best Coaching Training Programs?
Given the many benefits offered by ICF accredited programs, there is no dearth of ICF accredited coach training certification providers. However, if you are specifically looking at executive coaching program, we’d highly recommend the executive coach training offered by The Coach Partnership, formerly known as Newfield Asia.
The various Ontological Coaching Certification Programs run by The Coach Partnership are delivered by certified and knowledgeable coaches with years of hands-on experience.

These programs use the fundamentals of the Ontological methodology to understand the human body holistically. Members get a chance to learn from executive coaches from around the world, thereby getting the opportunity to learn about the latest techniques and innovations in the field.


The Final Word. It can be said with certainty that the ICF logo adds to a trainer’s resume. ICF membership does not only guarantee a lifetime of learning experiences but also a better career, both financially as well as mentally. If you are serious about becoming a professional executive coach, the decision to become ICF credentialed is a step in the right direction. Click here to learn how to choose the best coach training programs in Singapore.


Watch the video below to learn more about ICF credential requirements.